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Prymahl, top performance wheelsets

The range of wheelsets

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Prymahl is the premium-quality brand of wheelsets customisable online and hand-built in France. Road, MTB, gravet in alloy or carbon, the world is your proverbial oyster.
Using the best-performing technologies on the market, for example the Dynamic Response concept that makes Prymahl rims even more performance-drive, tolerant and comfortable.
Road wheelsets
The Orion range of road wheels comes in several formats, disc or rim braking, 30mm or deep 50mm profiles, and a choice of alloy or carbon rims. From windy flatlands to high mountain passes, you will find the Orion wheelset that suits you and your type of riding.
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Gravel wheelsets
Gravel wheelsets in either carbon or alloy builds. They'll overcome all types of terrain.
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MTB wheelsets
The Polaris range of high performance 25mm & 30mm carbon MTB rims for response and impact absorption. Precision steering will allow you to step up.
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Every Origine has its own story
We make a habit of leaving nothing to chance. We take great care in selecting the best fibres on the market, developing complex layups. We use invisible to the eye, but not to the level of performance, and expensive methods of manufacture in our relentless pursuit of perfection in a wheelset, and this without overlooking reliability.
With our wheels, we wanted to create the perfect osmosis between a high-quality frame and its own connection with the ground.
Our credo is to make high performance wheels, accessible to all, and it is this philosophy that we have reproduced with the range of wheels we have on offer today. It has not been easy to build wheels that combine certain features, such as response, inertia, and tolerance that many people thought were incompatible in a wheelset.
The hours spent behind our computer screens in the R&D Laboratory, the miles of road and trails swallowed up in the pursuit of perfection have all been worthwhile as borne out in our comprehensive range of road, MTB, and gravel wheelsets.

Prymahl, top performance carbon wheelsets

"Precision, performance and reliability."

At Prymahl, we make a habit of leaving nothing to chance. We take great care in selecting the best fibr [See more]es on the market, developing complex weaves. We use invisible and expensive manufacturing techniques within the singular aim of achieving performance without sacrificing reliability.

We wanted to create the perfect osmosis between a high-quality frame and its connection with the ground.

Our credo is to make high performance wheels, affordable to all, and it is this philosophy that we replicate through the comprehensive range of wheels that we have on offer today. It has not been easy to build wheels that combine response, low rolling resistance and comfort, features that many believed were incompatible.

After countless hours using sophisticated CAD technology, testing over miles of road, trails and singletracks to offer you today, what we believe to be, one of the most complete ranges of carbon wheelsets for road, adventure and MTB riding.

From the genesis of our Prymahl wheels to the first miles on the bike

Being a wheel builder is not just about selecting components and assembling them. It is by thinking about the overall development that we give an identity and a behaviour that characterise a brand.

Our policy is identical to that of high-end high modulus carbon frames – we want to best. We have tested a multitude of weave and fibre formulations using different carbon lay-ups and moulds.

It all starts in our R & D laboratory where the entire Prymahl range was first designed using sophisticated CAD software. Once we had decided on the mould design, we carried out stiffness tests, inflicted stress tests on our stress measurement benches, only to, after the first few miles of testing, chuck the prototype away and come up with own unique technology that still amazes us today.

Top-end carbon and alloy wheelsets

We have applied the principle of Dynamic Response. Stiffness is no longer the byword in frame and wheel design but response is as the wheels must track the cyclist in their movement and efficiently transfer the power the cyclist is putting down through the pedals. All our rims are EPS counter-moulded for the smoothest possible entire inner rim face so that the inside surface is just as perfect as the outside, no unnecessary residue, no excess thickness to reduce performance and lateral rim compliance. To us at Origine it is this invisible process, when fitted to a top-quality frame, that makes our carbon wheelsets amongst the best on the market.

Even if the development of our hubs was simpler than that required for the rims, we had our fair share of surprises that made us start again from scratch on several occasions.

We paired the rims with CNC machined hubs that we designed in straight pull mode for optimum performance with uncompromising components. Minimum engagement angle on the cassette body for an ultra-fast pick up. The R Road and Gravel ranges are fitted with hubs with flanges for optimal value for money.
We have opted for stainless steel aero spokes for our pro series and double butted 2/1.5 spokes for the R range of rims. Stainless steel is more responsive, comfortable and reliable than overly stiff alloy spokes.

Origine hand-built wheels at our factory in the north of France to our exacting standards

We are extremely attached to the principle of know-how. For fitting, we have discovered that the only way to obtain perfect quality is to manually fit our hubs in our own factory.
All our rim technicians receive a thorough in-house training and especially in the use of tension meters. Spoke lacing requires a special skill for top performance wheelsets that respond to our clients' expectations

Customise and order your Prymahl wheelsets on line.

The Prymahl range is available on the Origine website ( as brand new, or second-hand wheelsets on our proprietary configurator. You do not need to own an Origine bike to be able to buy Prymahl wheels. Available in several finishes for you to configure to your requirements.