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Mountain bikes

Mountain bikes

XC and trail MTB

Origine mountain bikes offer a compromise between riding sensations and performance levels that are among the best on the market. Whether you're riding uphill or descending, on technical or rolling terrain, you'll enjoy riding our bikes as their innovative technologies and components will allow you to achieve your best. Available as hardtail or fully-suspended in carbon or alloy builds, there's an Origine mountain bike for you.

Cross Country Mountain Bike

Origine XC mountain bikes have competition in their DNA. However, their complex design does not make them unaffordable, to the contrary. Responsive and performance, they will satisfy the expectations of the most demanding cyclists whether they are XC addicts, fun riders or ultra-distance marathon cyclists. Fully customisable, the carbon MTBs are compatible with both 100mm and 120mm forks. Because the best performing mountain bike is certainly the one that suits you best.

Théorème GTR 29″

High performance
The Théorème GTR combines technicality and lightness. Radical and forgiving at the same time, it is the semi-rigid mountain bike for cyclists looking for high performance. Designed for XC, equipped with the best technologies from our engineers, it ensures a sporty and incisive ride. All this for incomparable sensations.
Prices start from 2 750 €

Théorème GTO 29″

Performance and comfort
New generation. The Théorème GTO is our hardtail with the best comfort/performance ratio in the range. Responsive, top-performing comfortable, it's the perfect weapon for those who enjoy XC and marathon riding. A model of versatility, build it to suit your riding style and budget.
Prices start from 2 496 €

Théorème GT 29″

Performance and Comfort
The Théorème GT is the semi-rigid mountain bike with the best comfort/performance ratio in the range. Nervous, powerful and comfortable, it is the ideal ally for those who enjoy all types of terrain: Cross-Country or Marathon. A model of versatility, it is entirely configurable according to your practice and your desires.
Prices start from 2 172 €

Full-suspension XC MTB

With two choices of 100 or 120mm travel, demanding or a more compliant carbon lay-up, full custom build options, you're sure to find the MTB you will want to take the Théorème with you whether lining up at the race start or hitting the trails for a bit of fun. Whatever you’ll soon find that, with the Théorème, there are no limits.

Théorème FS 120 GTR

Top performance XC / Downcountry MTB
The Théorème FS 120 GTR is our most versatile full-suspension mountain bike. At ease on technical trails, precision steering and responsive when kicking, it's the perfect choice for riders who smash the trails and ultimate-level races.
Prices start from 4 432 €

Théorème FS 120 GTO

Versatile XC / Downcountry MTB
(Re)Discover downcountry riding with the Théorème FS 120 GTO. With its 120mm of travel, put your riding prowess to the test on even the most challenging trails. Take advantage of its outstanding climbing ability and awesome frame compliance. Hit the trails without hesitation, full blast.
Prices start from 3 436 €

Théorème FS 100 GTR

Top performance full-suspension XC bike
The Théorème FS 100 GTR is THE racing machine par excellence. For XC purists who want low weight, top performance, and immediate response. Winning. Master the speed and fly over any terrain.
Prices start from 4 660 €

Théorème FS 100 GTO

Versatile full-suspension XC bike
The Théorème FS 100 GTO is the perfect combination of comfort and performance. With its ability to read the terrain at its best, combined with a lightweight bike, it's perfect for long XC and marathon rides. Build it to your liking and go further.
Prices start from 3 294 €

Trail Mountain Bikes

Origine Trail mountain bikes have fun in their genes. Ultra-versatile, no single track scares them. Fully suspended, you can go the extra mile(s) and not count the hours thanks to their comfort. Comfort that rhymes with performance, the advanced suspension kinematics developed by our in-house engineers, combined with the shock settings designed in collaboration with RockShox®, eliminate any feeling of pumping, for a mountain bike that is hungry to eat up the slopes.

Naja 130 / 120

Versatility and fun from a fully-suspended MTB
The Naja 130 is a real concentration of energy. The full-suspension Naja is addicted to slopes. Nothing scares this pure performance bike. It for whom technical single tracks and rocks are a reward. It's waiting for you to smash your PB's, whatever the slope of the terrain.
Prices start from 2 956 €
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About our MTB's


Origine's 29ers from XC to trails

Origine mountain bikes are for the most committed riders. If you want to ride in woods, on single-tracks, down mountain screes, or just to have some fun in all [See more]circumstances, Origine's mountain bikes will match your expectations. The entire range is fitted with 29

MTB, choose between a hardtail carbon frame, or a fully suspended alloy frame

Our Théorème range of carbon hardtails is perfect for the XC and marathon rider. Optimal response, yet a forgiving bike, they swallow up the climbs and let you enjoy the descents in a surefooted manner. Lightweight mountain bikes that are real all-rounders.

If you want a greater challenge, then the Naja, a fully suspended alloy frame, is for you. With 120mm of travel at the rear and a choice of 120 or 130mm of travel at the front, this bike has been designed to have fun on both single tracks and downhills, without being pumped up on the climbs. The ideal bike for venturing onto trails and rough terrain.

Find a large range of forks and components on our proprietary configurator

Origine Forks offer several configuration options. You can configure your Théorème with an even wider range of suspensions, such as Rock Shox Sid and Recon forks, plus the entire Fox range allow you to increase your build options. Forks come with several travel options, 100mm, 120mm or even 130mm depending on the model.

Using our online configurator you can customise not just the colour, but also the components of your mountain bike. Choose an 11 or 12 speed groupset (Shimano SLX, XT, XTR, Sram NX eagle, GX eagle, X01 eagle, XX1 AXS), 29 inch wheels (FSA, DT Swiss, Prymahl, Fulcrum, Shimano) and all the components.

Origine designs and builds MTB's for men and women

Our men's and women's mountain bikes share the same innovations and technologies. The configurator allows every cyclist to customise their bike to suit their body shape and size. Our frames are available from size S, for people of 1.60m, then M and L, up to XL for people of 2m. Our colour-on-demand option allows you to choose the colour of your dreams. Opt for a customised colour and our technicians will produce it for you, based on a RAL (automobile colour chart) code.

Bikepacking MTB

Bikepacking mountain bikes are suitable for adventure and travel on roads and trails. Both comfortable and reliable, the Theorem range of mountain bikes meet the needs of bike packers who wish to ride off the beaten track. Equipped with panniers for tents, the Origine range of bikepacking bikes are your perfect companions for weekends and holidays in the great outdoors.