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Axxome II 350 (frame kit)

Axxome II 350 (frame kit)
Témoignage client
"Summary – brilliant all-rounder, outstanding value for money.

Background: In 2021 it became necessary to replace my 14 year-old Scott Addict, a beautiful bike. So, I set out to get a new Addict only to discover… what? No rim brake version? But it wasn’t only Scott – virtually all other major/recognizable brands were depriving me of this choice unless I wanted to spend an obscene amount of money on machines like the Pinarello Dogma etc. I finally settled on the Ribble Endurance SLR, but this was a short-lived affair as the headset failed after 9 months and 3000 km. Serious supply issues at the time (early 2022) meant that Ribble couldn’t replace my frame and after 4 months of waiting, they agreed to refund me the frame (I can’t complain about their customer service – it was good). After many hours surfing the web for a quality, top-end, carbon-fibre frame, I stumbled across Origine.

I purchased the Axxome II RS 350 evo frame, and fitted it with the Ultegra R8000 group-set from my Ribble, and DT Swiss PR1400 wheels from my old Scott (the Ribble Level wheels were also disappointing). My initial reaction was – wow! It was significantly lighter than the Ribble; about 1.5 kg less, and even slightly lighter than my old Addict. (This recent obsession with aero and disc by the big brands is making bikes heavier).

Riding the bike was sheer joy, like being back on my old Scott. Light, refined handling, punchy acceleration, comfortable over many hours - this is a fabulous riding machine. I have now done around 7000 km on this bike, partaken in sportifs such as L’Ariegoise, clocked 100 km/hr on descent, and have never been happier on a bike. I love it.

This is a frame that is equivalent to, or better than, many very well-known brands, and less expensive. In fact, shopping around for a new bike for my brother-in-law, there is nothing in the UK matching the Origine bike range for performance and value – and this is not even mentioning details such as being able to choose your own paint job or configuring your other components.

Chapeau Origine! All I say is that do not be seduced by your success, and stay true to your origins!

Carol McDermott ("
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